Santos imports in conjunction with SoSound have teamed up so we can offer you not only catering supplies, but curated music 24/7 in a box in your venue now! At the touch of a button, the ARK box can change moods depending on the vibe you want in your venue at that particular moment.


The Ark connects to the internet via WiFi or ethernet to load & update playlists. Music is stored on board The ARK player to eliminate potential sound failure in the event of internet disconnection. Any playlist changes are remotely updated via the internet according to your schedule & subscription.


At the touch of a button The ARK’S mood function allows you to change your scheduled playlist to heighten or lower the tempo effortlessly via The Ark’s touch screen.


All our playlists are digitally equalized and processed so you wont have the poor quality or volume fluctuations associated with streaming sites. Our cross-fading function enables a seamless journey through your music mix in HD sound.


Our plug & play system means there is no on-site installation required & only minimum set-up.  Simply plug The ARK into a stereo amplifier via standard 3.5mm auxiliary cable & you’re ready to play. It’s that easy.

Call us now to enquire about this service for your venue. It’s 100% legal unlike streaming off Spotify and Soundcloud on your mobile devices.

Call us now on 1300 991 881 and speak to one of our consultants now.